FAQ & Myth Busters

  • How old do you have to be to join Lions?                                                                                      You can join from 18 years of age. (Roma Lions has a Leos Club for youth between 12yo & 18yo)

  • Can both males and females join Lions?                                                                                      Yes everyone is welcome to join. (Roma Lions even has a number of Husband & Wives who are both Members)

  • Does it cost anything to join Lions?      Why?

      Yes - There are Joining Fees and an Annual Membership (paid 6 monthly).

      The Fees a Member pays covers the Administration of the Organisation. Lions prides itself in making              sure 100% of funds raised goes back into the Community. 

  • I've got a family and job. How could I fit it in?                                                                               This is a Volunteer Organisation. You only have to give as much time as you can fit in after meeting your commitment to Family & Employment.