While there has been some easing of restrictions in relation to COVID-19 the Club has voted not to hold its monthly Fish & Chips in the Park in May 2020. We are not in a position to ensure everyone's safety against possible transmission of the virus in the Community.

While our Community Work is important we are also conscious that many businesses in the Community have suffered during the downturn and they have employees and family that are reliant on trade returning to a sustainable level. We don't want to put extra pressure on them at this time. 

The Club will continue to review the position in line with Social Isolation requirements and re-commence activities when able.

In the meantime if you require assistance from the Club you can email us

We also advise that we have postponed the drawing of our Mother's Day 

Raffle. We thank anyone that has purchased tickets for their understanding.

At this stage we would hope to make it a Christmas Raffle depending on the

situation between now and then.

Tickets are available at Golders.

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